We are committed to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals at all levels of proficiency from untrained beginners through elite athletes. Our MED-X protocol is an umbrella that provides fundamental parameters that will be applied by all our personal trainers. The parameters include factors that lead to the enhancement of your endocrine hormones, particularly the anabolic hormones that drive recovery, rejuvenation and supra-compensation. This means you will gain lean muscle and strength, increase your metabolic rate, burn fat, increase bone density, improve balance and agility and develop tools for dealing with dysfunctional hormone alarms. The greatest endocrine hormone benefits occur when the heart rate intensity rises from 85% to 100% and recovers to 85% of your work zone in a continuing pattern. The primary variables in creating your exercise prescription are intensity, load, duration, volume and exercise selection.

We offer the best in Professional/Personal Training, Olympic/Sports Training, CROSS MED-X GROUP TRAINING, Post-Therapy Corrective Exercise, Complete Wellness Programs, Massage, Acupuncture, Martial Arts Training (Tai Chi, Kenpo Karate, Self Defense, Kickboxing), Online Personal Training, Nutritional Counseling, Social Fitness Networking and Corporate Fitness Programs.  The best part is we bring MED-X right to you, no matter where you are!

 You can choose from basic Online Personal Training (online support 24/7, workout plan & schedule, nutritional plan & coaching, social network, videos, podcasts, mobile access, guidence, exercise demos, etc.) or attend Private & Group Training Sessions at your local center.

We all need coaches to be successful in fitness and in life.  Being a good student can lead to becoming a great leader.  Making your health & wellness a priority is important to your entire family.  Not only will you look and feel better, but others around you will be inspired.  If you want to improve your health & fitness then you must maintain an active lifestyle. MED-X Personal Training is designed to get you real, fast results that can last for a lifetime.
Scott Rempfer
We look forward to working with you!