Med-X Protocol:

We are committed to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals at all levels of proficiency from untrained beginners through elite athletes. Our Fit Med-X Protocol is an umbrella that provides fundamental parameters that will be applied by all our personal trainers. The parameters include factors that lead to the enhancement of your endocrine hormones, particularly the anabolic hormones that drive recovery, rejuvenation and supra-compensation. This means you will gain lean muscle and strength, increase your metabolic rate, burn fat, increase bone density, improve balance and agility and develop tools for dealing with dysfunctional hormone alarms. The greatest endocrine hormone benefits occur when the heart rate intensity rises from 85% to 100% and recovers to 85% of your work zone in a continuing pattern. The primary variables in creating your exercise prescription are intensity, load, duration, volume and exercise selection.

The Key Elements to Med-X’s Training Program:

• Wellness Consultation

Each new member will receive a complementary 30 minute wellness consultation where a qualified health professional will review your medical history and fitness goals, then suggest the proper direction to begin achieving your goals.


• Diagnostic Health and Fitness Assessment

Each member involved in Med-X Program will begin their program with a Health Risk Analysis and complete fitness assessment. It is very important to establish a base line in order for our trainers to properly assess your progress and make changes to your program accordingly. We will be testing your body composition as well as your level of strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

• Personal Training

Customized 30 minute personal training sessions 2-3 times per week, designed by your certified personal trainer.

• Nutritional Guidance

Includes nutritional guidelines and recommendations, as well as suggested reading material, publications and resources.

• Rejuvenation Therapy

Stress management is a critical part of our program since stress induces the secretion of the catabolic hormone, Cortisol which creates visceral fat and liquefies lean muscle. Development of an awareness of stress and the tools to deal with it are paramount for your success. Mediation, Yoga, Tai Chi classes and regular massage sessions are recommended as methods of bringing stress under control.

• Ongoing Assessments

Your program will begin w/a diagnostic fitness assessment. We recommend retesting every 30-45 days for ongoing clients. This will help ensure you that the program is working and also inform your trainer of any modifications needed to help you achieve continued success.